Ask A Daft Scots Lass and Ye Shall Receive - A Vlog

This is a repost from last week because of the "Blogger is Unavailable" issue. 

Therefore all my comments for this post were DELETED!  Do comment again.

Some of you Plonkers may remember that I've done this before and didn't get a huge response.  

But now that I have some new visitors that pop in from time-to- time and a few more followers, I decided to do it again.  You never know, I may just get a few more questions this time.  Oh and coz I love vlogging.  Don't, you know it!!!

The deal is this - 

You ask me questions and I vlog the answers.  Simple as that.

So is there something that you've been busting to ask me?  Is there something that bugs the shit out of you, about me?  Is there something that you are dying say or make me do?  Here is your chance. 

Limited offer only...

Remember don't ask me to say Antidisestablishmentarianism.  Yes, it is a real word and yes, I do know the meaning.. I need that like I need a second crucifixion.


(Nicked this from Gucci Mama.)


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