Eton's Soulra XL solar-powered iPod boombox will cost $300, now ready for your pre-orders

Eton's Soulra XL

Summer's nearly here, the sun shining bright -- wouldn't you like to share your tunes with friends with friends while basking in the light? That's what Eton's counting on as it prepares to ship the Soulra XL, the solar-powered iPod boombox formerly known as the Soulra 2. As we discovered at CES in January, its set of eight speakers get pretty loud, and Eton claims it charges twice as fast as its predecessor (five hours) thanks to a sizable monocrystal solar panel, and lasts five hours on a charge. It'll juice your phone, too. All told, you'll be schlepping around seven pounds and paying $300 for the privilege of completely cordless mobile sound. Sound like a deal to you? You'll find Eton ready to shake your hand at our source link.

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