Bugatti Galibier Concept Review

Remember the Bugatti 16C Galibier concept? Unveiled last year's Frankfurt show a very select audience, "four-door Veyron" is a concept for now, but the images have emerged showing the Galibier black, looks much more elegant than the original car, which was two-tone and the blue mirror like finish aluminum.

Black allows us to focus more on the Galibier interesting detail 8.0-liter W16 power and body shape. The chrome strip that starts from the base of the pillar is wrapped around the door and continues after the front wheels to make a loop with the other hand, interrupted only by imposing grille. Sport exhaust rear slope of four to each side and a brake light column that divides the screen again. This column extends along the drive - looks like a fish when viewed from above.

Bugatti Galibier concept

The culmination of the ceremonies celebrating the centennial, Bugatti Automobiles SAS introduced to customers and opinion leaders to the concept Bugatti Galibier, destined to be the car most exclusive, elegant, powerful, and four doors in the global week last weekend in Molsheim. In the historic site where Ettore Bugatti, once laid the cornerstone of your business, current president of Bugatti, Dr. Ing. Franz-Josef Paefgen said that Bugatti 16C Galibier is one of several concept studies with which the company plans for the future of Bugatti.

Art - forms - Technology are the brand values ​​that Ettore Bugatti and his son Jean-oriented one, in order to develop more powerful engines and styles of the noblest forms for each new model, which was devoid of quality, handling, speed and elegance. In this process, they tried again and again, without any compromise on new materials, so that the Bugatti was one of the first manufacturers to use aluminum parts to bodies, engine blocks and wheels.

Art - Moulds - Technology is also the brand values, such as design and construction team of Bugatti Automobiles SAS-oriented development of the Bugatti Galibier. With this concept car with four doors new Bugatti again assumes a leading role in using new combinations of materials. Thus, the body is constructed of hand parts in carbon fiber blue so that when turned on, the woven structure by speckle suppression. Carbon not only possess exceptionally high stiffness, but is also particularly light. The wings and the doors are polished aluminum.

Bugatti samples Galibier design challenge to combine sportiness with comfort and elegance of a modern four-door sedan. Basic structure of the excited nature-like Type 35 torpedo, which had already been taken and reinterprets the Bugatti Veyron. In a typical Bugatti grille, round headlights and large clamshell LED along the vehicle, which has become synonymous with identity, Jean Bugatti Type 57, this car is to drive the Bugatti genes in the modern world.

Under the hood, which folds the two sides remain there for a 16-cylinder engine with 8-liter two-stage compressor. What makes this engine special is that it was developed as a flex-fuel engine, and can optionally run on ethanol. Training wheels, ceramic brakes and specially designed new suspension design allows agile, even safer handling of a sedan of this size.

The interior reflects the basic design of the exterior. The dashboard has been reduced to essentially two main instruments located keep even the rearmost passengers regularly informed of the actual speed and performance history. Parmigiani, the Swiss manufacturer of quality watches that are created on removable Reverso Tourbillon for Bugatti Galibier, which can be worn on the wrist with a leather strap intelligently designed.

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