Weight Loss Methods For Children

Weight Loss Methods For Children

Obesity in children increased in numbers. And it's quite possible that the era of television and computer games has greatly contributed to increased generation of fat children. Everyone knows that children who are overweight may face problems far worse than the teenagers will, especially with peers of normal weight. And finally they will face higher health consequences, such as heart disease and cancer later in life that can reduce their life expectancy. While adults may seem too excited about trying to lose weight, children do not have to follow the methods that are intended for adults. There are a few guidelines for weight control that are specifically intended for children-how to empower families to join the battle against the bulge.

Always best to start early. Child welfare began in the early conception. Women who are pregnant are advised to maintain a healthy weight. Breast milk is considered as the ideal form of infant nutrition. Some studies show breastfeeding associated with decreased risk of overweight children from infant formula. One reason is that the infant formula has increased levels of insulin in their blood which stimulates more deposition of fat tissue (1).

Parents and older brother can teach children to make healthy choices. For example, encourage children to eat pizza with vegetable toppings instead of meat toppings, or consume wheat bread over white bread, or pasta instead of potatoes get fried. Try going an extra mile by using corn oil or olive oil when frying. But do not become too obsessed-some parents send their children too early in a diet low in fat. Children under two years really need some amount of fat in their diet to the development of the nervous system. Once they reach more than two years old, encouraging them to drink low-fat milk. Experts say that drinking a quart of milk per day is getting a large amount of saturated fat. Saturated fats contain saturated fatty acids that are directly associated with cardiovascular risk factors. Protein content in milk is still the same. So there's nothing to worry about inadequate nutrients needed for growth.

Finally, set a good example. Do not just tell them what to do, show them the same healthy habits. Kick the kids out of the house. Encourage them to exercise regularly. Exercise does not always have to be a structured program. Encourage them to play outside. Cycling, running and even walking can burn calories and excess weight. It also can increase the metabolism for 18 hours after working out. Kid's TV / computer time should also be limited. The last thing we would allow our children is to live the lifestyle.

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