2010 Subaru Legacy Tourer

The new Subaru Legacy will arrive in the UK this month - but only as a property. The fourth model will not come to the UK. But the legacy Tourer is the selection of the range anyway, this is not the end of the world are not going to get the show.

As we have reported the heritage has been launched in Frankfurt, all Legacy models get a boxer engine and four-wheel drive. However, you get a choice of diesel or gasoline Boxer flat. The Boxer Diesel Legacy offers decent performance - 0 to 60 mph in 9.6 seconds and a top speed of 120 km / h - and emissions of 161g/km with fuel consumption of 46.3mpg.

The gasoline engine provides 0 to 60 mph in 10.3 seconds at the same top speed diesel. The increase in emissions of 196g/km and increase fuel consumption - we assume. Subaru has not bothered to tell us. Hmm.

So why would you go for the petrol engine when it is slower and consume more fuel, not to mention the increased emissions? It 's a good question. It is said that the configuration does not work very well as a boxer diesel. Boxer engines work best when revved, which is not something that can really make diesel. What could be enough to get you off. But it is only heard from us. We have not driven the new Subaru Boxer diesel, and before doing so, I must say, diesel option is a breeze.

The new Legacy wagon offers more space for legs and head as the old model, and the boot volume is 67 liters. Standard equipment is good and includes heated seats, RDS with CD, dual zone air conditioning, Bluetooth, Cruise and auto lights and wipers.

Prices start at £ 23 295 and the Legacy Tourer will be available immediately in Britain.

Refined and extremely luxurious, without excess

Based on the atmosphere created by the premium exterior and redesigned interior, improved cabin space and more generous, the new Subaru Legacy Tourer is fully equipped to ensure maximum comfort for all occupants.

All models are dual-zone, fully automatic air conditioning with dust filter conduit and heating of the hind legs of passengers. An audio system with CD player, six speakers (including two tweeters) and steering wheel remote is standard. For the new Subaru Legacy Tourer, radio reception has been considerably improved with the installation of two high-performance antennas in the back window.

The audio system with MP3 and Bluetooth hands-free system is constant. voice-activated hands-free microphone allows the users to make calls, set the navigation items, and maintain sound equipment.

Faced with the new driver of Subaru Legacy Tourer, a new instrument panel combines clarity, functionality and visual richness of a fee in accordance with the nature of the new model. Four plays are ringed aluminum and feature added to a liquid crystal display panel in the middle. Calls and the display are lit constantly, even during the day, to improve visibility. Call the show off-white and turn light blue with food. When the power is on, the meter needles sweep the extreme position and then immediately back to zero - by enhancing the excitement and anticipation distance. diesel, the sedimentation tank indicator light glow and diesel particulate filter warning light are added.

New multi-information display (MID) is located in the center console top surface so that it can be regarded as all the seats. MID shows the temperature data on fuel consumption (instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, the field is empty), the warning lights seat belts for passengers and a digital clock.

Greater control of the new Subaru Legacy Tourer is willing both to minimize intrusion into the driver's view and when the driver's hands on the wheel. Less control and the switches are placed to maximize ease of use. Models with the new transmission Lineartronic has a shifter and a compact grid of straight selection for easy operation. To exploit this is the manual transmission, steering wheel-mounted paddles as standard on these models.

Depending on model, available as standard equipment on the new Subaru Legacy Tourer includes automatic headlights and wipers front and rear electric windows (auto up / down function in the driver's door), the inclination of a vessel "-N-Slide "roof, keyless entry (Smart Entry) by pressing the" owner "just touch the sensor on the front door handle and push the engine start / stop without inserting the key.

SE and SE models NavPlus "sports package" which includes the front bumper and grille, sports fog obscured, large 18-inch alloy wheels and a special Bilstein shocks. Inside is an aluminum pedals and carbon fiber-effect panels.

The range-topping SE NavPlus models also have a new DVD navigation system as standard, with high resolution, all VGA, eight-inch screen, high speed of 600 MHz CPU and LED backlight for easy viewing optimal practice.

These models are also equipped with a rearview camera (VRC). The TRC has received phone lines over the picture of the camera to see the vehicle width and distance of objects behind considerably help the driver when reversing and parking maneuvers.

Extra space to enjoy more comfort

Cabin on the new Subaru Legacy Tourer is longer, wider and taller than its predecessor, which facilitates improved comfort and functionality. The interior also shows the experience of the Subaru's research program packing the latest 'innovation.

Large seats are equipped to make the best use of space around each occupant has increased. The space between the front seats has increased by 30 mm between the front and back seats rose by 62 mm. The rear seatback is split 60/40% and can be folded flat to provide the best in people / cargo-related variety. With the rear seats upright, load capacity has increased from 67 liters to 526 liters.

After extending the rear doors improve access to rear seats, and special attention to the shape of the window and pillar arrangement ensures a greater feeling of "openness" for rear seat occupants on the new Legacy Tourer.

Although the width and height of the luggage compartment has been increased, the depth of the lip between the bumper and rear cargo declined slightly to make it easier for users to load and unload heavy objects when you lift the inside. Hatchback, which is 33mm wider and 45mm higher than before for easier access, has an electromagnetic switch for easy opening with a light touch, with the assistance of gas struts to support twins.

The front seats are new records concave to provide more knee room for rear seat occupants. The rear seat has a folding center armrest with dual cup holders, and folders can be angled for comfort on long trips. A mechanism of a single control button located on the side panel of the chamber allows files to be folded in an operation of the tailgate when loading large objects.

The interior of the new Subaru Legacy Tourer, designers should also be noted that the creation of large, easy to use storage space for small items - whose capacity has increased by 39 liters compared to the previous model.

A glove compartment biggest accept 31 CDs, while the new two-story center console that can accommodate 22 CD contains a 12V supply and an auxiliary audio input. Two types of armrest console lid is provided, depending on the type of transmission. A "weak" type models mounted six-speed manual gearbox, while a 'high' type is used cars Lineartronic ensure a relaxed riding position.

Two cupholders are provided alongside the center console, while a bottle of 500 ml plastic can be stored in any pocket door. A box of 50 mm thickness of tissue can also be placed in the door pockets. A head is fixed center console for sunglasses and storage of small items.

Choice of units of high power diesel or gasoline Boxer "

For 2010, the new Subaru Legacy Tourer programming in the UK, customers will be offered a choice of 2.0-liter diesel and petrol engines of 2.5 liters. Diesel 150 hp should be the most popular choice.

In March 2008, Subaru Boxer Diesel introduced the first engine cylinder horizontally opposed diesel passenger car in the volume. Of 1,998 cc diesel generates a maximum power of 150 hp and maximum torque of 350 Nm between 1,800 and 2,400 rpm.

Now, for the new 2010 Subaru Legacy Tourer, the motor has several unique technical improvements and enhanced features of the environment. The shape of the piston head has been changed to a wider, shallower design. This, along with improvements in the flow of gas in the combustion chamber has improved combustion efficiency and reduces the production of particulate matter. "Sensor eliminates" was added to the variable geometry turbocharger for a more precise control of the blades.

The glow plugs have been changed from one type of metal to a ceramic type, increasing the maximum operating temperature and ensure a better start in cold weather.

Fuel injection control is optimized and consumption has been redesigned multi-resin for air circulation to the torque characteristics and fuel consumption. Another advantage of the new resin is the weight loss of 1.5 kg in the previous version of aluminum.

A single silencer was used to optimize engine performance and noise level, while saving weight. The addition of a vibration absorbing structure in the middle of the main exhaust pipe also reduces the noise level.

Subaru Boxer Diesel is equipped with a particulate filter of closed type (DPF) which contains a filter in the shape of a honeycomb of silicon carbide. DPF, which is set very low with the turbocharger to maintain the low center of gravity of the car, improves combustion efficiency of the engine and reducing particles in the exhaust gas to further enhance the usability of the environment .

And finally, the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler has been expanded to improve system efficiency of 12% - to reduce NOx emissions to ensure that the new Subaru Legacy meet the Euro 5 regulations of exhaust gas.

On the way, offers a new competitive Legacy class. Top speed for the 2.0D Subaru Legacy Tourer is 120 km / h with a time of 0-62 mph of 9.6 seconds. Fuel economy is an excellent 46.3 mpg (combined cycle) and CO2 emissions is a highly competitive market of 161 g / km.

167 ps for the engine drivers who prefer a gasoline engine

For drivers who prefer a gasoline engine is the famous Subaru cylinder horizontally opposed four-cylinder boxer engine available in its 2.5I. This 2.5-liter unit with 16-valves and a displacement of 2457 cc, generates a maximum power of 167 ps and torque of 229 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

generous torque and flat torque curve offers a yield response at low speed and a gratifying sense of smooth acceleration. The cylinder heads were modified and used lighter pistons. New Weight intake manifolds saving type resin and measures to reduce friction to improve energy efficiency, while the port is changing the ways and the catalyst structure is adjusted to meet the Euro 5 emissions regulations .

With the adoption of the i-Active Valve Lift System (i-AVLS) in combination with the new automatic Lineartronic, fuel economy is reduced to the level corresponds to a 2.0-liter engine - recording 3.3% of improvement on the previous model automatically. This is particularly impressive, as the new Subaru Legacy weighs 48kg more than the outgoing model.

Performance figures for the Subaru Legacy 2.5i SE Tourer Lineartronic highlight its unique blend of driving pleasure and costs moderate property. The maximum speed automatic transmission model is 120 km / h with a time of 0-60 mph in 10.3 seconds. Fuel economy is 33.6 mpg (combined cycle) and CO2 emission figure of 196 g / km.

Innovative "Lineartronic" offers a sequential manual mode

As part of the overall program of re-engineering Subaru, the Subaru Legacy, the new model offers buyers 2.5i petrol versions of the brand new "next generation" of the transmission system - an innovative concept of self Lineartronic.

Longitudinally mounted engine behind the Boxer, "Lineartronic" is a type of fully automatic continuously variable transmission allows the engine to run continuously in the most efficient of its rev range - resulting in a strong, linear acceleration, smoother and more fuel economy.

Instead of an ordinary belt, transmission of new Subaru uses a steel chain plate for the mechanism of torque transfer between two pulley system to achieve a transfer efficiency of 97% in one compact unit.

A new compact Subaru delivery may increase the difference between the minimum and maximum diameter of the pulley, and a 6.3 coverage ratio, which helps to improve both engine performance and fuel efficiency. Straight ahead, four-position shift gate provides a simple, easy to use, fully automatic operation.

A six-speed manual is also available for greater driver involvement. electronic devices to provide six "steps" and the driver can select a frame rate (up or down the gearbox) using paddles behind the wheel attached to enjoy sporty driving and very sensitive. Time for change "gear" manual mode only 90 milliseconds.

Smooth Move, a six-speed manual

Standard Transmission 2.0-liter diesel is a new six-speed manual unit. This compact drive is the same length as the previous five-speed unit, and weighs just five pounds more.

Improvements include a new transfer case cable connection type, and coal, the pacemaker of the first and second report, continuously, with sync and reverse gear, to improve the convertibility of routes and optimized to reduce the lubricant friction losses. Broader relationship with the coverage we offer a six-speed unit will produce better fuel economy and improved handling at higher speeds and quiet.

Full-time symmetrical AWD - Subaru brand

Although many aspects of the Subaru Legacy Tourer "new" fact, the symmetrical AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) is retained, giving the new model all the benefits of pulling the Subaru brand is known.

This is an evolution of the Subaru AWD system original full-time with a proven ability to create a genuine driving pleasure, handling and reliability in the long term. For the system in the Subaru Legacy Tourer, two types of center differential mechanism, a key component of IT, provided - depending on model.

For 2.0D models, four wheel drive comes with a "center differential with viscous LSD all-wheel drive system." It combines a type of bevel gear center differential with the forward base against 50/50% and torque distribution and a viscous coupling rear limited-slip differential. When a front or rear wheel slips, the viscous coupling raises the torque distribution to the other wheels for maximum traction.

Lineartronic function "models 2.5i Active Torque Split AWD. This system continuously monitors the VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) and the distribution front and rear torque, make adjustments based on sudden changes in road surface. In normal driving, the torque distribution achieves the best fuel economy in use.

For maximum driving safety, all models come with Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) system. This is a program of electronic stability control (ESC), which monitors the behavior of the vehicle and automatically corrects understeer and oversteer too, braking individual wheels and / or reduces engine power the vehicle, the driver path to ensure maximum security.

New suspension, subframes and steering systems

After a strong start of the Subaru Dynamic Control Concept "traditional designers and to develop the chassis and the gearbox in the race for the Subaru Legacy Tourer feature many new and updated components. Their goal was to create a new Subaru was exceptionally comfortable and safe driving for long periods, and years of ownership, at the same time ensure good driveability, effective and genuine driving pleasure.

To reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and improved ride comfort, the engine mounting structure has been completely renewed, for the first time since the 1000 Subaru models from 1966. A new brand Cradle Mount System "was adopted when the engine and transmission are mounted on a subframe - rather than directly to the body. This system offers many advantages.

The frame is attached to the hull with rubber bushes, specially tuned to absorb different frequencies of vibration generated by the engine, transmission and suspension. For example, the main rubber pad uses a fluid-filled type of bush, and the engine is compatible with the general framework in four points.

In addition, power steering and front suspension subframe is mounted so that the vibrations of the road surface is not easy to move the car or occupants of the vehicle - to improve ride comfort and refinement.

New front and rear suspension

For new Legacy Tourer, Subaru has adopted a revised MacPherson strut front suspension with lower arm mounted on the frame for greater stability. The steering control is strengthened, and the quiet is increased by reducing vibration. The thickness of the stabilizer (anti-roll) bar increases, improved rolling resistance without requiring changes to spring rates. Handling in corners is better (thanks in part to a wider track), while ride comfort is maintained with good level of wheel travel and geometry optimized.

Behind a new "stature of the" compact double wishbone suspension is used to minimize penetration by, or the cargo. Best of all the refinement of the suspension and differential connections with a new chassis. large shrubs are used between the frame and the body to minimize the transfer of NVH.

To achieve a perfect balance between turn handling, new type shock absorbers are mounted low friction on all models, front and rear. These dampers are set exclusively in terms of standard features S Subaru Legacy model 16-inch wheels and tires, ensuring a feeling of solidity and stability "in driving fast, without loss of sharpness. SE and SE models are equipped NavPlus Bilstein shock absorbers to be updated within the sports package, which gets a better body control.

Electric power steering improves fuel economy

To improve both the sensation of driving and fuel economy, a new steering rack and pinion with power assistance has been adopted. The system is mounted in the front part of the cradle at four points, which increase the rigidity of the operating system and increases its initial response to pilot inputs. For most models Subaru Legacy Tourer, a ratio "fast, used for a sportier feel.

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