2013 Ford Taurus SHO

The new Ford Taurus SHO Taurus is sporty and wear the coveted badge achievement. With its unique blend of award-winning products, motor fuel-efficient EcoBoost ™, enhanced driving dynamics and design of performance-inspired, the new Ford Taurus SHO show it means business. An unprecedented combination of power, technology and fuel economy make this acclaimed sport sedan to a whole new level.

"The Taurus SHO has always followed the formula of the original stealth bed, and the new model is no exception," said Gordon Platto, chief designer. "We wanted to keep quiet subtle yet sporty elegance, but at the same time time, we knew it was time to further differentiate the full model, Super high-performance models of the Taurus and others."

Inspired by the buyers and enthusiasts SHO Club, the design team knew exactly what to do.

Listening to customers and enthusiasts SHO has encouraged us to strengthen the design and driving characteristics of the new 2013 model, "said Platt." For us this was a clear indication that the SHO customers with the feelings of passion and beauty of design and performance. "

A unique design signature technology

For the new Ford Taurus SHO starts subtle differentiation from other members of the family Taurus in front, with a grid-inspired performance in the black mask - great for SHO - flanked by specific serial headlights high intensity discharge . Behind the openings of the front wheel, contains a wing mounted scallops a subtle badge SHO.

single premium wheels 19 "painted using standard P255/45VR-19 all-season tires fill the gaps, giving a Ford Taurus SHO look muscular, sporty. Buyers can choose 20-inch wheels machined and painted.

mirrors SHO-specific - as contrasted black - are heated, have the memory feature and includes down lights on the ground in the driver's side auto-dimming features. At the rear, Ford Taurus SHO has a single trunk door-mounted spoiler.

Inside, the new Ford Taurus SHO communicates its sporty character with a perforated leather steering wheel, leather-trimmed sport seats with embroidered graphics SHO, only tissue aluminum finish aluminum adjustable pedals with memory.

signature technology, Ford is also a key feature of the new Ford Taurus SHO, in addition to standard MYFORD Touch ™ technology-Sync ® to connect the driver and the replacement of many traditional knobs and controls with a clear, color LCD screens, and five directional buttons. These displays can be customized to show information about each driver via a voice command, the touch of a button or touch screen touch.

MYFORD Touch is powered by the latest generation of award-winning Ford SYNC Voice Control are also more advanced features of the vehicle, which is connected to a Bluetooth ®, MP3 players and a variety of external media.

Enhanced powertrain, refined dynamic

The new Taurus SHO is using the award winning transmission and fuel-efficient EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6, delivering 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, mated to a six-speed, high capacity automatic transmission SelectShift 6F55 ™.

Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters allow Ford Taurus SHO the height of the turns fast, flexible, manually selected downshifts. For the new model, which have been reconfigured to a more intuitive, with a paddle upshifts and rev match downshift other problems.

SHO dynamics have been improved with larger brakes, torque control guide - using less brake to give the effect of a limited slip differential - and unique sport suspension.

In particular, the calibrated electric steering (EPAS) has been further optimized for the way I feel enthusiastic, pleasant and straightforward, the common response. Also, it helps the Ford Taurus SHO to produce up to 25 mpg highway, EPAS allows the parking area of ​​the Park Assist active.

Taurus SHO Braking System upgrades include a larger master cylinder, booster revised tuning for better pedal feel, front disc over 19 per cent more thermal mass and 67 percent above the swept area to assist brakes are hot. Now, ventilated rear disc brakes offer more than 53 percent thermal mass.

As with the previous edition, coming all the Ford Taurus SHO standard models with a peak torque sensing all wheel drive system to help provide optimum traction in all weather conditions and the vehicle to effectively deliver ample torque across the four rear wheels when driving in a sporty, so enthusiastic.

your loyal customers bring new

Direct, unfiltered feedback from the community Ford Taurus SHO and the contribution of amateur buyers this icon reinvented reinforced the idea that development of the SHO was a very good thing indeed.

"The clubs and fans SHO online forums dedicated resources were positive for us," said Amy Marentic, Group Marketing Manager. "Meanwhile, our relations with the enthusiast community has continued to evolve, to inspire us to deliver an even better SHO with the next generation."

Ford Taurus SHO on the basis of an initial customer satisfaction.

"Initial Quality Study JD Power and Associates data showed that the 2010 Taurus SHO has been endorsed by a phenomenal 92 per cent were satisfied with their vehicles," said Marentic. "In addition, the Taurus SHO sent to new customers to the showroom Ford is an incredible amount about half of the 2,010 customers SHO had not previously considered, and not buy a Ford sedan we often see a world-class -.. A 3-series and BMW 5 Series and Acura TLS - such as trade-ins. "

Ford Taurus SHO is reaching new customers to the Ford showroom, based on its unprecedented combination of 365 horsepower EcoBoost twin-turbo unit, torque wheel sensor, available technologies and up to 25 mpg estimated by EPA on the road.

SHO Performance Package

To distinguish between the cars performance enthusiasts demanding the ultimate in uncompromising and dynamic response, offers the Taurus SHO 2013, a new performance option, which is designed to provide greater responsiveness manipulation, power and durability of the more sporty driving.

SHO Performance Package includes:

Specific sport package suspension with unique dampers and springs

performance pads and brake calipers from a single point on the track

Recalibrated APES

Electronic Stability Control to monitor mode, right off

Of 3.16 to 1 final drive ratio for acceleration off-the-line Enhanced

Enhanced end-duty cooling system

machined and painted wheels 20 inch

245/YR20 summer performance tires compound

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