TAMA Introduces Silverstar

TAMA Introduces Silverstar

limited-scale production of the Starclassic series and the mass-produced Superstar, ImperialStar and Swingstar, TAMA introduces a new drum kit series set to bring the best of two worlds, price and quality. Silverstar is the newest star on TAMA’s drum kit constellation. Announced to bring traditional TAMA features of innovations and quality but with a mass-produced, slimmer price tag, Silverstar enters the market targeting mid-level drummers out there, be they hobbyist or professional.

TAMA’s new drum series, Silverstar, will feature 100% Birch shells for focused tone, triple flanged rolled hoops, low mass short lugs, new and improved tighter positioning Star Cast mounting system, upgraded single ply drumheads, and TAMA’s Startclassic Performer slide-positioning tom holder. Silverstar will be available in many configurations allowing it to satisfy players of all genres, as will be offered in a respectable array of different wrap, transparent, and opaque wood finishes. Under transparent finishes you will find Transparent Red Burst, Transparent Blue Burst, Dar Mocha Fade and Satin Cherry Burst. Under wrap finishes there will be Chameleon Sparkle, Sky Blue Sparkle and Vintage Burgundy Sparkle options. A Custom Titanium Fade finish will be available as an opaque finish option. It seems that TAMA keeps bringing their best to the table, always trying to offer great drum set options for all budgets, but only time will tell if Silverstar will shine for long on its own or just get lost among the others.

The new TAMA Silverstar series will enter the market with the following price tags:

Lacquer Finish-Shell
VL52KSTRB - $1,137.49
VL62STRB - $1,381.24
VL48JSTRB - $1,023.74
VL50STRB - $1,137.49

Complete Kit
VL52KTRB - $1,462.49
VL62TRB - $1,706.25
VL48JTRB - $1,348.74
VL50TRB - $1,462.49

Original Wrap-Shell
VK52KSSKS - $974.99
VK62SSKS - $1,218.74
VK48JSSKS - $861.24
VK50SSKS - $974.99

Complete Kit
VK52KSKS - $1,299.99
VK62SKS - $1,543.75
VK48JSKS - $1,186.24
VK50SKS - $1,299.99

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