Lexus lf-gh Review

Lexus has revealed it will release a new car sedan concept of high-end NY Auto Show this year. The concept will showcase a new design language is said to preview the next generation Lexus GS-Series sedan. limited information on cars were launched while the Lexus Twitter account Twitter principles "LF-Gh: .. Lexus LF = long term hybrid h = G = .... ... This may involve the brand new GS and although the LF-Gh use of hybrid technology.

As for the dimensions that 2012 GS go, Lexus says the new platform will use a stretched giving it a longer wheelbase than the current product. Measures for new design also mentioned to be wider than the current sedan. Meanwhile, the car will use new equipment operating units, similar engine but a set from the current design, although the size of the V6 engine is said to extend to four.0 liters. The Lexus LF-Gh concept will be announced April 19 concert in New York the motor. We have to wait and see all the details and what we can expect to see in the next Lexus GS, stay tuned.

Today, 2011 New York Auto Show Lexus has introduced its new LF-Gh Hybrid Concept, the concept of rear-wheel-drive is powered by Lexus Hybrid Drive transmission. Speculation is that the Lexus LF-A Concept Gh suggestions for the next generation Lexus GS sedan - however, Lexus says that the "Premier Grand Touring Sedan" features, which are transferred to vehicles of the future.

Design LF-Gh more aggressive and sharp, without leaving a feeling of luxury. Design LF-Gh inherited by future Lexus models.

LF-fitted inside Gh future of Lexus, where every detail has been designed to create an environment that is oriented toward the driver. The interior uses high quality materials, claims Lexus.

"Although only a concept, the LF-Gh hopefully resonate with his Lexus customers worldwide and communicate our intention to promote new ideas in the face of Lexus luxury in the coming years," said Kengo Matsumoto, General Manager Design Division Lexus, Toyota Motor Corporation


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