Mel B can't stop eating whilst pregnant

Mel B can't stop eating whilst pregnant
The former Spice Girls singer is currently expecting her third child and the 35-year-old star ' who also has daughters Phoenix, 12, and Angel, four, from previous relationships and is stepmother to husband Stephen Belafonte's daughter Giselle, six ' thinks she will end up the size of a 'house' before she gives birth in four months time.

She said: 'Every pregnancy is different but one guarantee is I go like a house, arse, t*ts, everything.

''m at the waddling stage. I've got three big bumps!

'What can I say, I like eating. I think that when you're pregnant, you kind of eat what you want, when you want. Mine is all day long and all night long. But I don't mind.'

Mel is usually known for her toned physique but she admits she has done barely any exercise since getting pregnant.

She added: ' go off any kind of workout when I'm pregnant. All my three pregnancies I've kind of avoided it.'

The new Australian 'X Factor' judge also admitted her new fuller figure is a big hit with her husband.

She said: 'Stephen can't wait for me to get to the proper baby belly-popping stage.'


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