Carrying Multiple Babies During Pregnancy

Carrying Multiple Babies During Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is always wonderful news, but can you imagine the joy multiplied when you learn that you are carrying twins or other multiples? Of course, after the initial shock wears off, you might be filled with mixed emotions, from excitement to worry: will you be able to take good care of, not one, but two babies at a time?

These recent years, the occurrence of multiple pregnancies has skyrocketed, largely as many artificial forms of conception have sprouted in the name of science. Some hormonal pills that women take reportedly also ups the chances of getting a multiple pregnancy. What are the things you need to know when you are pregnant with multiples?

1. If it is important for anyone pregnant to be in constant contact with her obstetrician, it becomes doubly important for someone carrying twins. This is because the doctor needs to trace the development of each baby, and she has to make sure that one is not growing at the expense of the other. This is usually why doctors request a pre-natal check-up twice as often for the expectant mom of twins compared to that of an individual baby.

2. Symptoms from pregnancy have the possibility of occurring in multiples, too. For example, morning sickness can be doubled in intensity and frequency, although it still varies from person to person. As such it would be best if you and your husband are warned so neither of you would be surprised at the turn of events.

3. You have to be ready for a premature delivery. Some twins can be delivered full-term, but triplets and higher numbers of multiples are usually delivered prematurely. This also warns you of having to care for, not one, but two, preemies.

4. In addition to preparing yourself for taking care of preemies, you should also prepare for a caesarean section. Some twins can be delivered normally, but others may require a c-section especially if any one twin is in danger. In any case, you need to be ready for that possibility both emotionally and financially.

5. As you get near your due date, be sure to enlist all the help you can get, both in terms of taking care of baby as well as running the household. Even if your husband is very supportive, the two of you still would not have it in you to get everything done. It becomes particularly more complicated if you already have slightly older children.

If you have relatives living nearby, you can ask them to stay with you for the first couple of months. If not, you can check options for laundry services or other household chores, or even hire a stay-in house help, although that might be very expensive. Another option is to check with local organizations such as churches or schools that might have babysitting services available.

6. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Having two new babies is indeed a great joy, but it will also be more taxing to you as a mother. It would be best if you and your husband already discuss your options when the babies are born, such as having a weekly night out to unwind from the responsibilities of baby care.

7. In terms of logistics, you also need to prepare for the arrival of two bawling babies with unlimited need for diapers. Before you give birth, you and your husband can discuss the possibility of using disposable diapers or a diaper service, as well as decide where you can get two cribs and two of nearly everything. This may cause a major strain on the family budget, so it would be best if you can borrow some baby furniture from friends and relatives. Also, be ready to delegate other household chores so you would not have the added burden, particularly for the first few months.

Despite these challenges, becoming the parent of multiples is a rewarding and unusual privilege. Rest assured, despite the multiplied exhaustion, the satisfaction will also be multiplied, and you can spend many nights just enjoying your sleeping babies—assuming neither of them wakes up!

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