RIZ MC | All of You

RIZ MC | All of You
The final single from Riz MC’s critically acclaimed debut MICroscope is everything we have come to expect from the actor turned rapper. Featuring a futuristic sound consisting of weird backing noises and effects, All of You is another impressive piece of work from the aspiring musician.

Riz MC at times does come across as musical marmite, especially if you haven’t heard his work before. Some of the stuff on All of You does seem weird for the sake of it, although it doesn’t detract from the strong work he’s done prior to this single. Having heard a fair bit of Riz’s debut album this entry isn’t as strong as previously acclaimed Dark Hearts & Get on It, but it’s decent enough to warrant the attention of electro + grime fans.

With this being the final release from MICroscope, we can only hope that Riz MC’s next album achieves the same unique sound and blend of genres that tracks like All of You boast.


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