Best Acne Treatment - Does Accutane Work

Best Acne Treatment - Does Accutane Work

Every severe acne sufferer at one point is contemplating on whether to try the acne treatment Accutane. Accutane is a severe acne treatment that completely shuts down the sebaceous glands for six months. This process has seen huge success rates of over fifty percent, however many acne sufferers must undergo this procedure more than once, even up to three four times. Even worse, this acne treatment is highly expensive and dangerous. It requires monthly blood tests, since this treatment is very hard on the liver. Many lawsuits have been filed on the company, but should you be worried?

There are tons of side-effects to Accutane, and the majority of them are nothing to worry about. For example, you will have very dry skin for six months. For example, when you go outside for more than an hour without Chapstick or another lip moisturizer, expect chapped lips. The skin needs to be regularly moistened to avoid scarring, as Accutane sometimes encourages the formation of scars. There are other severe side effects, but we won't discuss those as they should be discussed with your Dermatologist instead. We'll only talk about what you should expect.

For the first month on Accutane, you shouldn't expect much results. You can eat all the grease you want without worrying about acne breakouts, but, of course this isn't advised. You should notice your skin starts to dry out and you'll require moisturizer quite frequently. Many acne sufferers on Accutane at the end of the first month have very ugly facial skin, but this shouldn't matter, since severe acne skin is no different from terrible skin. The best way to deal with this problem is to use moisturizer frequently and avoid mirrors.

During the middle and end phase of the Accutane treatment, this process starts to feel like routine. You're going to keep going in for regular blood checks, and hopefully everything will be perfect. Once you finish Accutane, the majority of acne sufferers notice close to no acne. Learn more about acne skin care here.

However, many acne sufferers like myself started getting acne again a couple months after finishing Accutane. Based on my own personal experiences, my acne became severe again, making the entire Accutane treatment process a complete waste of time and money. So, use Accutane at your own risk. The side effects are very annoying, and the frequent doctor trips become very time consuming. You need to remember to take all the pills required, which can be quite a hassle. Accutane is a decent acne treatment, but it doesn't work for everyone.

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