2012 Ford Focus will gets Internet Acces

The European division of Ford announced on Monday that its Sync system with MyFord Touch will feature WiFi connectivity on the new Focus starting from 2012. The infotainment system will create a password-protected WiFi hotspot inside the car allowing up to five devices to be connected. The service will be free of charge, as the in-car internet connection will use customers’ existing USB modems or compatible smartphones to access the web.
2012 Ford Focus will gets Internet Acces
2012 Ford Focus will gets Internet Acces

2012 Ford Focus will gets Internet Acces

The Focus will be the first compact car sold in Europe to benefit from this feature of the Sync, but the technology will also be available later in other Ford models sold across the continent. The system delivers a secure wireless connection that is broadcasted throughout the car, with passengers being able to easily connect and access the internet via any WiFi enabled device.

A reliable in-car Internet connection is therefore extremely important to them, and that’s exactly what SYNC will offer when it makes its European debut on the Ford Focus in 2012. SYNC with MyFord Touch will offer rolling connectivity to Ford customers and everyone in a SYNC-equipped car can benefit at no additional expense

In order to be compatible with the latest hardware and devices on the market, Ford will release software updates for the Sync whenever necessary. By default, the internet connection will be set to WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) in order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the network.

The Ford Focus was the best selling car in the United Kingdom for January 2011

Ford Focus specification :

    * Wheelbase : 104. 3 in
    * Length : 178.5 in
    * Height : 57.7

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