Katie down again - at the supermarket

Down the aisle again: Kate stops to chat with a supermarket worker as she shops at Waitrose in Anglesey

She is the newest and most glamorous member of the royal family, and one of the best-known women in the world.

But a dressed-down Duchess of Cambridge was happy to do the weekly shop mingling with other shoppers like any other housewife.

In a loose-fitting green poncho and white V-neck sweatshirt worn with skinny jeans and ballet pumps, Kate Middleton pushed a trolley among dozens of shoppers in Waitrose on the island of Anglesey, in North Wales.

Waitrose-y Katie goes down the aisle again - at the supermarket

Waitrose-y Katie goes down the aisle again - at the supermarket

Doing the weekly shop, Duchess? Kate joins the rest of the supermarket shoppers by grabbing a trolley

A week after her wedding to Prince William, onlookers said she had a spring in her step as she filled several carrier bags and loaded them into the boot of her Audi A3.

She smiled at locals as well as the newspaper photographer as she ‘skipped’ across the car park to return her empty trolley before driving back to the remote farmhouse that she shares with her new husband.

For anyone who has remained oblivious to months of build-up to their wedding, the only clues to Kate’s royal status were three police bodyguards, a back-up car and the jewellery on her wedding finger.

Tucked behind her sapphire engagement ring was the plain Welsh gold band that marked her transformation from a commoner into Her Royal Highness on Friday - and will eventually guarantee her a seat on the throne.

Waitrose-y Katie goes down the aisle again - at the supermarket

No ordinary RAF wife: Appearing to skip while pushing her trolley, down-to-earth Kate looks as though she just might take off on the wheeled device

Around the wrist of her other hand, she appeared to be wearing an elastic hair band, though this afternoon she let her blow-dried locks hang loose.

Kate, 29, is likely to have been preparing a special dinner for her new husband, who returned yesterday morning from a busy 24-hour shift as a search and rescue pilot.

One onlooker said: ‘It looked like she was stocking up on the basics, but she also bought a few special items, so perhaps she was preparing their first romantic meal as a married couple.

‘She loaded all the shopping into her car on her own, then skipped as she ran the trolley back to the park. She looked very happy and was smiling at people.

‘Most people didn’t even spot who it was, despite her being probably the most famous person in the world at the moment.’

Waitrose-y Katie goes down the aisle again - at the supermarket

Happy shopper: The new Duchess of Cambridge looks relaxed at the supermarket with her protection officer

It is the first time Kate has been out and about in public since she and William departed for a weekend break on Saturday, the day after marrying at Westminster Abbey in front of an estimated television audience of two billion.

It was only after the couple flew off in the Queen’s helicopter that St James’s Palace revealed their surprise decision to forgo an immediate honeymoon.

They spent the bank holiday weekend at a secret location in the UK and are expected to take an extended break at a later date.

William’s first day back at work – and away from his new wife – was a busy one.

Waitrose-y Katie goes down the aisle again - at the supermarket

What a difference a week makes: Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, on her wedding day last Friday to Prince William

The 28-year-old, who has chosen to keep the working name Flight Lieutenant William Wales despite his new Duke of Cambridge title, arrived at his RAF Valley base wearing spectacles on Wednesday morning and was soon involved in two emergencies.

In the first, his Sea King chopper was sent to rescue a 70-year-old man who suffered a heart attack while on Lliwedd, a mountain in Snowdonia National Park, and was airlifted to hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Soon after, the prince and his three fellow crew members collected four policemen who were stuck on Snowdon because one of them suffered vertigo as they made their way down from the peak.

Waitrose-y Katie goes down the aisle again - at the supermarket

Cool customer: Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, mingled with shoppers at a branch of Waitrose in Anglesey

The men, thought to be off-duty West Midlands Police officers in their 20s, were transported from the Crib-y-Ddysgyl ridge to the base of Wales’s highest mountain, a spokesman for Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team said.

An RAF Valley source confirmed that William co-piloted the chopper during the rescues. He added: ‘Sometimes you can sit there for three days and nothing happens. Other days, people get into trouble. We tend to be busier on a weekend when people think they are Bear Grylls.’

The prince is close to his 27 colleagues from C Flight 22, and invited them to the wedding with their wives and girlfriends. Kate has already started befriending them and is planning to join them for evenings out in the sleepy North Wales countryside.

With no domestic workers at home, Kate is also likely to spend her time taking care of the housework and preparing meals for her husband, who has previously admitted to being a novice in the kitchen.

As this paper revealed last year, she will not take on full-time solo royal duties for some time, as William ‘shows her the ropes’ and eases her into the new role. He will be stationed on Anglesey until at least 2013.

The couple have modelled their first years as newlyweds on the Queen and Prince Philip, who spent two years on the Mediterranean island of Malta where Philip was a member of the Royal Navy from 1949 to 1951.

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