White Sand Beach Bandar Lampung

White Sand Beach Bandar Lampung
A. Overview

White Sand Beach is one tourist attraction in the city of Bandar Lampung. The beach is a tourist destination for domestic and foreign countries.
Since become a tourist attraction, White Sand Beach is always kept clean.
B. Feature

Throughout the White Sand Beach is overgrown with trees that shade so that visitors who walked along the beach to take shelter if overheated. Clean sea water conditions so that comfortable to bathe and play. Conditions of white sand, to refresh the eyes of visitors making it suitable to be a place of vacation. In addition, in the afternoon, visitors can witness the beautiful sun sets.

If you want to watch the corals and marine animals, visitors can swim with a certain limit or use a motor boat to the center. In this place has a diversity of fish, coral reefs, and marine life are amazing.
C. Location

White Sand Beach is located in the southern city of Bandar Lampung, about 20 kilometers from Bandar Lampung in Sumatra along Jalan Trans.
D. Access

To reach this beach visitors can use a private car or public transportation with a travel time about 30 minutes from the city of Bandar Lampung.
E. Admission

Is in the process of confirmation
F. Accommodation and Facilities

For visitors who want to spend the night in the vicinity of White Sands, in this place a lot of available lodging. Visitors can bring their own food or a message from the inn.

Souvenirs and souvenirs can be found in the town of Bandar Lampung, around the beach or a direct message to the owner of the inn.

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