Tempe Lake south sulawesi

Tempe Lake south sulawesi
A. Overview

Lake Tempe is one tourist attraction in South Sulawesi are much visited by tourists, both domestic and foreign. The lake which covers about 13,000 hectares of this, when viewed from a height looks like a giant basin. The lake is a source of livelihood, fishing, not only for the community Wajo, but also some community members and Sidrap Soppeng District. Along the shores of the lake, looking nuanced Bugis fishing village lined up facing the lake.
B. Feature

Tempe Lake is the largest freshwater fish producer in the world, because it saves a lot of bottom fish food sources. In addition, this lake also has a freshwater fish species that can not be found elsewhere. This is expected because the location of the lake is located just above the Australian continental plate and Asia.

In the middle of Lake Tempe, seems hundreds of fishermen's houseboat lined with decorated with colorful flags. From the top of the floating house, tourists can watch the sunrise and sunset in the same position, and witnessed a variety of wildlife birds, flowers, grass and water that floats above the water surface. At night, visitors can witness the beauty of the moon that illuminated the Tempe Lake while fishing.

At every festival held August 23, sea or also commonly referred Maccera Tappareng (purify the lake) is marked with beef cuts, led by chairman of the local fishermen. In this event, visitors can see a number of very interesting tourist attractions, like the traditional boat races, boat decorative, folk games (eg, race kites), the selection ana 'virgin (girl) and kallolona (youth) Land Wajo, padendang (beating mortar), performances of traditional music and dance Bissu played by the transvestite, and various other traditional performances. Implementation of this festival is intended to feel kinship and unity among fellow fishermen to stay awake with the principle of "3-S", namely Sipakatau, Sipakainge, and Sipakalebbi (mutual respect, mutual advising, and mutual respect). By witnessing this festival, the end to find out about the culture of the Bugis community in South Sulawesi, especially the Bugis Wajo.
C. Location

Lake Tempe is located in Tempe District, Wajo, South Sulawesi Province.
D. Access

The lake is located 7 km from Sengkang Town, the capital Wajo. To reach this place, from Sengkang to the River City Walennae can be reached overland by car pete-pete (microbus). From River to Lake Tempe Walennae to be taken for 30 minutes by motor boat or katinting, at a cost of approximately Rp. 50.000, - to Rp. 75.000, - per person.

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