Crater Lake White Mountain West Java Patuha

Crater Lake White Mountain West Java Patuha
A. Overview

White crater lake at the top of Mount Patuha by local people also called Mount Sepuh. In addition to White crater, the mountain which has a height of 2434 meters above sea level and temperature between 8-12 degrees Celsius, it also has craters While in the western part. Both craters are formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha in the 10th century and 12th. White crater located at an altitude of 2194 above sea level.

White discovered the beauty of Crater Lake in 1837 by Dutch botanist named Dr. Peranakan Germany. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn. Previously, the community considers the haunted mountain top and full of mystery, so nobody dared to come.

Long after the discovery, namely in 1983, Perhutani Unit III West Java and Banten new White Crater Lake makes the region as a tourist attraction that opened to the public.
B. Feature

In the region, visitors can enjoy a variety of unique Crater Lake White. Besides the natural beauty that are still beautiful surroundings, visitors can also see a direct hot steam out of the rocks are trampled, gelegak water in the center crater, and the sulfur smell that is not too oppressive.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Crater Lake White as he walked leisurely around the lake or while sitting in a shelter-shelter in the region. Visitors will encounter various kinds of rare flora, such as Eldelweis flowers, plants Cantiqi the fragrant, nutritious plant that can repel Lemo venomous animals, and Vaccinium as typical plant vegetation of the crater. In addition to various types of flora, in this region there are also many types of fauna, such as eagles, monkeys, deer, wild pigs, panthers, and leopards.

Visitors can also see the crater water changing color. Sometimes the apple green and bluish. When the sun blazing and bright weather, the color changed to brown. Nevertheless, the color white is the dominant color of water crater. The dominance of white color also looks at the color of sand and rocks located in the vicinity of the lake.
C. Location

Crater Lake White Mountain West Java Patuha

White Crater Lake is located in District Patuha Ciwidey, Bandung regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. Located about 46 miles south from downtown Bandung.
D. Access

From the city of Bandung, visitors who bring a personal vehicle can go directly to a location past the town Ciwidey White crater, a major gateway to the tourist area of ​​South Bandung. From here, visitors must walk about 5 kilometers to the crater again.

For visitors who ride public transportation, there are two alternative Leuwipanjang Bus transportation from Bandung, namely taking public transportation (public transportation) or take the bus Talbot majoring in Bandung-Ciwidey White crater towards the entrance.
E. Ticket Prices

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F. Accommodation and Facilities

At the White Crater Lake area there are various supporting facilities, such as public toilets, parking lots, souvenir centers and small mosque is managed very well.

In this area there are bamboo huts as the central location and hawker stalls department. The location was also used by surrounding farmers to sell their garden, such as strawberries, and roasted corn on the cob, and fruit Pepito.

Visitors who will spend the night do not need to worry, because it can rent a tent or stay in the villas, hotels and guesthouse, guesthouse with various types that are often found along the tour route Ciwidey.

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