Lake Ranau from to Indonesia

Lake Ranau from to Indonesia
A. Overview

Ranau Lake is a beautiful lake the largest in southern Sumatra. Size is approximately 8x16 km2 lake with Mount Seminung background and surrounded by hills and valleys with a very clear lake water.

Ranau Lake is the result of natural processes in the form of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions from the volcano that makes a big basin. The river basin of water flowed across at Mount Seminung.

B. Feature

At the foot of Mount Seminung there are natural hot water coming out of the bottom of the lake. In the vicinity of the lake found Subik waterfall.

C. Location

Ranau Lake is located on the border of South Ogan Komering Ulu, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

From the city of Bandar Lampung to Ranau Lake can be reached using a private car through the Bukit Kemuning and Liwa with paved roads, but winding. Precisely in the border district of South Sumatra province of South Oku and West Lampung regency of Lampung Province. In addition to Belfast route, these attractions can also be reached from the city of Palembang approximately 342 km, from city Baturaja 130 km and 50 km from Muara Dua.

E. Admission

Is in the process of confirmation.

F. Accommodation and Facilities

Onedge of the of the lake there are rates of which can be rented by visitors who want to stay and enjoy the beauty of the lake .

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