Way Kambas National Park elephant breeding

Way Kambas National Park elephant breeding
A. Overview

Way Kambas is a training center where the elephants of Sumatra and is the first elephant training center in Indonesia. In this place of wild Sumatran elephants are trained and used for performances such as football games, swimming, and so forth.

Visitors can ride an elephant with an elephant accompanied by a trainer for a walk around the area or in the middle of the forest.
B. Feature

At Way Kambas, elephant which was originally a pest and an enemy for farmers, changed the way elephants are trained to become docile, submissive, and obedient. Attractions demonstrated by the elephants Way Kambas is very unique, amusing and sometimes thrilling.

In the game ball, the elephants were given a facility large leather ball and the goal. While at the dance, the elephants were accompanied with songs Jaipong or Dangdut, so it looks funny because they can shake her hips like a dancer style. For a thrilling show, visitors can lie on the ground and then the elephant would step on the body that lay them.

C. Location
Way Kambas National Park elephant breeding

Way Kambas National Park is located in the Regency of Central Lampung and East Lampung, Lampung Province, Indonesia.
D. Access

To achieve the Way Kambas only takes 2 hours from the city of Bandar Lampung. Paved roads in good condition. There is adequate transportation network and every time there is public transport. Fees go to the Way Kambas only about USD $ 7000.00 from Bandar Lampung.

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