Maharani Palace Cave Lamongan eastern Java

A. Overview

Lamongan, East Java, has a fairly well-known cave, the cave Maharani. This cave is about 500 meters from the northern coast of Java and was at a depth of 25 meters below ground level. The cave with an area of ​​2,500 m2 was found on August 6, 1992 by a group of miners who dimandori by Sunyoto phosphate. Cave then officially opened by the Regent Maharani Lamongan on March 10, 1994 as one of the attractions in Lamongan.

That said, the night before the cave was discovered, the wife Sunyoto dream to see the flowers that glow is very beautiful and guarded by two giant dragon's tail. Dreams are regarded as wangsit (instructions) before the diggers found a cave mine. Based on these dreams, Sunyoto proposed to the Regent Lamongan (when it Mohamad Faried) for the discovery of a cave called Gua Maharani Palace. Because the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites look (cluster of limestone rocks on the ceiling and floor of the cave) is considered to resemble the beauty of the palace.
B. Feature

For some people, the Cave of Maharani considered to have advantages compared to other caves in Indonesia because it has a cluster of stalactites, stalagmites are captivating. Maharani Palace Cave beauty can be equated with Spain's Altamira Cave, Mammoth Cave in the United States, and Coranche Cave in France.

Limestone rocks in the cave was created to form a variety of form which was very impressive. Stalactites and stalagmites that have called Linga Pratala (resembling a vital tool man), Yoni Pratiwi (a vital tool of women), Cempaka Tirta (kantil flower), Reefs King Lizard (like dinosaurs), Selo Elephant (resembling an elephant's head), interest Rose, Banyan trees and various other forms of unique and beautiful. According to researcher Dr. K.R.T. Khoo, a cave expert from Indonesia in Bogor Speleologi Foundation, stalactites and stalagmites in the cave Maharani Palace is still "alive" and continue to grow about 1 cm every ten years.

Maharani Cave in the complex, dozens of lights arranged in such a way as to highlight the cluster of stalactites, stalagmites, which reflect light colors are captivating. So that visitors feel more comfortable, on the inside of the cave is also equipped with a music player that reflects the slow rhythmic tunes and fans to add fresh atmosphere.

Visitors who wish to enter this cave is recommended for kulonuwun (ask permission) by saying Asalamualaikum to Grandmother and Grandfather Goddard Singojoyo Berinting that by surrounding communities are considered as watchman cave.

If not satisfied because only enjoy the scenery in the cave, tourists can enjoy the recreational arena Marine Tourism Lamongan in front of the cave complex. Wisata Bahari beach Lamongan an arena tour with a variety of facilities and games agility, have a go-kart arena sports and motor-cross, world water, and other recreational facilities.
C. Location

Gua Maharani Palace is located in Tanjung Frog, District Paciran, Lamongan, East Java.
D. Access

The cave was opened to the public every day at 7:30 to 12:00 am and 13:00 to 17:00 o'clock pm. To get to the cave Maharani Palace, visitors can go to Lamongan either from the direction of Surabaya and the town of Tuban, because Maharani Cave is situated on the edge of the road crossings at Gresik, Tuban, East Java.

Distance between Surabaya-Lamongan about 70 km, so it can be reached by the time + 1.5 hours using public transportation (buses) and private vehicles. While the direction of Tuban which is 30 km away, visitors can reach Lamongan with public or private vehicles during the + half an hour.
E. Ticket Prices

The visitors Maharani Cave bears ticket Rp 3,000 per person (February 2008).
F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

The visitors are not allowed to bring bags, jackets, and helmets / caps into the cave. Therefore, these items can be deposited free of charge to duty officer. If you want to perpetuate a visit to these attractions, the officers on site ready to serve the shooting immediately so (polaraid) or ordinary shooting. In addition, to increase knowledge about the ins and outs of Maharani Cave, around the cave sold paperback book titled The cave Natural Enchantment Maharani Palace in Cape Frog Lamongan.

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