Sundak beach yogyakarta

Sundak beach yogyakarta
A. Overview

According to the story that develops in the community, the name Beach Sundak into use after the beach is going battle between a dog and porcupine. The fight occurred because a dog who was starved by chance met a porcupine. The porcupine then chased and eventually fall prey to hungry dogs earlier. Over the incident, the dog owners often mention this as Sundak beach. Sundak which is a blend of 'damn' [dog in Javanese] and 'hedgehogs' [thorn-skinned animals].

Since named Sundak, the beach is starting to sound echo. Now, the natural attractions of this well-loved by domestic and foreign tourists. Therefore, the Coast Sundak become the mainstay of natural tourist sites Gunungkidul District, Yogyakarta Special Region.

Although the object mainstay local government, coastal environment is clean and well maintained is still managed by local people.

Sundak beach yogyakarta

Sundak beach yogyakarta

B. Feature

Tourists will never refuse to say that the Coast Sundak and the environment is amazing. The beach itself, the rehearsal featuring white sand and crystal clear sea water. Not to mention when visitors try to walk from the beach into the sea is relatively shallow as far as 30 meters. There, there are small rocks in a row and became the hiding-marine biota is tiny.

There were hills and limestone rocks on the north coast with high about 12 yards. These hills behind the beach and add elegance natural charm Sundak Coast region. In one of these hills there are rock caves, in which there is a fresh water well into spring locals.

Another attraction at this beach is the trees that make the cool sea breeze around the coast. In the afternoon, from beneath the trees, tourists can enjoy beautiful sunsets in the Indian Ocean horizon.

Sundak Beach is in an area with some beach attractions in the District Gunungkidul. Thus, tourists who want to find a different atmosphere of beach to go to other locations. Several other beaches are located close to the beach Sundak is: Baron Beach, Beach Krakal, Kukup Beach, Beach Drini, and Along the Coast.
C. Location

Administratively, Beach Sundak entered in the Village area Sidoharjo, District Tepus, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region.

Sundak beach yogyakarta

Sundak beach yogyakarta

D. Access

From Yogyakarta, the capital district of Gunungkidul, Wonosari, tourists can take a bus which departs from Terminal Giwangan Yogyakarta. Tourists can choose a mini-bus or big bus with an average tariff of Rp 4000 [May 2008]. Travel swallowed approximately 1 hour. Arriving in the City Wonosari, usually passenger buses will be deployed around Wonosari market or shopping area there. Then, look for a small bus to the beach or Krakal Baron. By riding the small bus, takes between 40 minutes-1 hour at a cost of Rp 2,500 [May 2008].

If the tourist departed from the central city of Yogyakarta directly to the beach with two-wheeled vehicle, the trip takes about 2 hours.
E. Ticket Prices

When entering the region in Gunungkidul beach attractions, tourists have to pay Rp 1,500 per person in advance at the ticket post located on the main road location. While visiting the beach when Sundak, tourists do not charge anything, except Rp 1,000 [May 2008] for the parking of vehicles.
F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Because young Sundak Beach as a tourist attraction, the inn is not going visitors find at the beach area. However, in some west coast beach Sundak, namely Kukup Beach, Beach Krakal, or Baron Beach, tourists can find it easily. On some beaches, there are simple inn-lodging. The rental price per room per night was also relatively cheap, which ranges between Rp 20,000-Rp 50,000 [May 2008]. In addition, visitors can rent a home stay around this area.

In addition, there are also shops for food for tourists. In these places, taste the food served in the coastal region is the taste of a variety of fish dishes. Small shops that lined the edge of this beach offers seafood dishes of local fishermen to visitors. In addition, this area also provides other facilities, such as bathrooms and small mosques.


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