patengan Situ lake west Java

patengan Situ lake west Java
A. Overview

Patengan Situ or Situ Patenggang derived from Sundanese language. Situ means lake, while patengan / patenggang derived from the word-teangan Pateangan, which means looking each other.

That said, there was a prince named Raden Indrajaya and a daughter named Goddard Rengganis who loved each other. However, due to circumstances, both are forced to split up. Both were hit by a prolonged sadness, to the extent that they are both tears welled up and formed a situ / lake.

Finally, because it is mutual love and looking for each other, the two met again on a stone that is now called the Rock of Love. Goddess Rengganis asked the prince made an island and a boat for them both around the lake. The boat is then turned into a heart-shaped island called Pulau Asmara / Island Sasaka.

From this story develops a myth, that is for lovers who want their lasting relationship, come to Situ patengan and together boating around the lake to the island of Asmara and Stone Love.
B. Feature

Visitors will be impressed with the breadth of a tourist area Situ patengan which reached about 60 hectares. Visitors will not be able to forget the natural beauty of its surroundings, such as tea plantation areas that extend Rancabali broad and dynamic, and the nature reserve of pine forests patengan beautiful and cool.

Visitors can enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature around the lake by speed boat, rowing boat colorful, water bike, and genjot ducks for rent. For visitors who want to provoke, in this area there are locations for fishing.

In Situ patengan around, there are small lakes that are not less beautiful. These lakes are usually used as the surrounding residents as a place for doing all the fish. For visitors who want to camp, in this region are very suitable camping ground is done with family or colleagues.
C. Location

The area is located in the Village Situ patengan patengan, District Rancabali, Bandung regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. This area is about 47 miles south of downtown Bandung.
D. Access

From the city of Bandung, visitors who bring a personal vehicle can go directly through the city area patengan Situ Ciwidey main gateway to the tourist area of ​​South Bandung.

For visitors who ride public transportation, there are two alternative Leuwipanjang Bus transportation from Bandung, namely taking public transportation (public transportation) or take the bus Talbot Bandung-Ciwidey majors until Ciwidey terminal. From Ciwidey terminal, take the bus back to the region patengan Situ.
E. Ticket Prices

To get into Situ patengan, visitors ticket charge of Rp 4,000 per person. If visitors bring a private car, incur a parking fee of Rp 10,000 for each car.
F. Accommodation and Facilities

In Situ patengan region there are various supporting facilities, such as parking areas, small mosque, toilets, souvenir shops, restaurants, shelters, shelter, seating mats and boats for rent.

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