Beach Plengkung

Plengkung or known by foreign tourists under the name G-Land is a paradise for professional surfers from domestic or foreign. The letter G comes from the word Grajagan, the name of a bay which has big waves. G-Land is surrounded by tropical rain forests are still natural. May to October is the best month to surf. G-Land offers surf sports most favored by pesurfer and are advised only for professional pesurfer because the waves that can reach 5 meters.

Most of the surfers from Bali, via Banyuwangi directly to G-Land or to Grajagan, then rent a boat to the beach Plengkung. To stay available Cottage and Jungle camp near the beach for visitors.

How to Achieve Beach Plengkung or G-Land?
Plengkung Beach is located on the southern coast of Banyuwangi, the eastern tip of East Java. The visitors can reach this beach by two lines; land or land and sea.
Through the Land: Banyuwangi-Kalipahit (59 km) ride Bus, Kalipahit-Pasaranyar (3 km) with a motorcycle taxi or rent a car, Pasaranyar Trianggulasi-Pancur (15 km), Pancur-Plengkung (9 km) with a Special Car.
Through the Land-Sea: Banyuwangi-Benculuk (35 km) ride bus or other public vehicle, Benculuk-Grajagan (18 km) and Grajagan Plengkung with Speet Boat.

Both point toward Plengkung are all no problem. If visitors choose through Grajagan Grajagan available lodging on the beach, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful beach before heading off to the beach Grajagan Plengkung.


These attractions in the administrative area Kalipuro Banyuwangi district, it lies at the crossing point which links Banyuwangi and Situbondo make these attractions are very easily accessible either from the direction of the direction of Situbondo and Banyuwangi city. From the direction of Banyuwangi city to these attractions can be reached by a distance of 14 kilometers to the north. Or about approximately 5 kilometers from the port ketapan. On the day of the holiday is always crowded with visitors lunkhead watu. Because of its location was on the edge of the road axis Banyuwangi - Situbondo, watu lunkhead commonly used as a retreat for a moment after a long journey.

Besides enjoying the beautiful panorama of the sea, visitors can also climb the hill that is located just opposite the road, the hill has been provided by the track to pass by the visitors. Arriving at the top of the hill, visitors can see the panoramic view of Bali Strait are more spacious and beautiful.
For the problem of food and beverages, on the coast this tour was available stalls that provide a variety of foods and beverages. In addition, there are souvenir stalls that provide handicraft items made from shellfish shells and stones from the sea rocks.

Ijen Crater

Ijen crater at an altitude of 2.386m above sea level, is the largest crater lake on the island of Java, elliptical-shaped craters with a size of approximately 960 x 600 m with the lake water surface elevation approximately 2140 m above sea level with the depth of the lake approximately 200 m and a lake in the world terasam with ph 0.5. Crater sulfatara sulfur is in the deep. Depth 200 m and contains approximately 36 million cubic meters of water steamy acidic, sulfur-smelling fog blanketed the swirling above it. Inside the crater, a variety of colors and sizes can be found brimstone. Indeed, Ijen Crater is a beautiful rock garden sulfur.

The view is very unique when the slits of steep cliffs look so much sulfur miners up and down on the sidelines of the crater slopes. Approximately less than 100 people bring a rock, yellowish above his shoulders back a piece of bamboo with a kind of bamboo basket filled with dozens of kilograms of sulfur in it which depends on the right left. Expenses borne ranging weighs 80 kg to 120 kg. every person walking around, digging sulfur, up and down, down the slope a few kilometers before income dipelelangan sold, a day to collect sulfur ranges from 6 to 7 tons. That's natural scenery crater daily.

As well as views on top of the mountain - the other mountain, visitors can see the broad view that extend towards the straits of Bali, as well as other mountain scenery around Mount Ijen. Mount Ijen have another neighbor of Mount Merapi, Mount Widodaren, Mount Ranti and Mount flat. Which can be seen from the post Paltuding.

when climbing visitors will pass through Pondok Bunder
which was built during the reign of the Dutch East Indies, so that semicircular better known as cottage Bunder (circular shape), its main function to measure the rainfall. Cool environment overlooking the giant caldera Ijen Mountains (G. roar, G. Chain, G. Suket, and G flat), here also a bird waching area.

Edelweiss flowers can also be found throughout the months of July through September, this month in last-lasting flowers began to grow and blossom ..

How is accommodation provided?
For visitors who do not bring supplies, no need to worry, because in Paltuding the last post before the visitors make the climb to the summit had been available several food stalls and also there is also an inn and camping ground. Along the climb to the summit there are also stalls that sell food simple.

How to get to crater?
Access road from Banyuwangi to Mount Ijen have very good relative to pass various types of vehicles. Even the two-wheeled vehicles can easily pass through. That's because along the entrance road in the village to the tourist area of ​​rose-Mount Ijen up to the last post in Paltuding already paved.

To reach Mount Ijen from Banyuwangi, Banyuwangi route can ride public transportation - Slippery - Guava is located approximately 45 km. From Jambu journey continues towards Paltuding, with a motorcycle taxi or rental car. Paltuding is the main gate to the Nature Reserve Park crater, which is also a Post PHPA (Forest Protection and Nature Conservation).

From Paltuding walk a distance less than 3 km. Initial trajectory distance of 1.5 km is quite heavy for uphill. Most of the lines with a slope of 25-35 degrees. In addition to the soil structure is also a sandy uphill so add more heavy footsteps because they have to maintain their body weight so as not to degenerate into the rear. After beritirahat at Bunder Post (postal unique because it has a circle) then the path is relatively little ramps. In addition, tourists / hikers in suguhi scenery is very beautiful mountain range. To go down into the crater must traverse rocky terrain is pretty steep as far as 250 meters.

Red Island

Red Island is a small hill-shaped island near the coast with white sandy beaches along about 3 km. Red Island Beach also has good waves for surfing. When the sea receded, the visitors can visit this place on foot. In this area, close to the beach, there are temples which are usually used as a place for solemnization Mekiyis, held every year by Hindus.

Beach Sukomade

Distance Sukomade Beach approximately 97 km southwest of the town of Banyuwangi. Sukomade Beach is a quiet and beautiful beach. In the beginning was discovered by the Dutch coast in 1927. Rubber, coffee and cocoa plantations planted in the ground area of ​​1200 hectares. Sukomade meropakan natural forest in East Java, related to turtle breeding. Night trip to the beach Sukomade unforgettable.

The visitors are guided by an experienced ranger guides to see the turtle that landed on shore and lay their eggs in beach sand. Female turtles usually lay their eggs up to hundreds of laid in the sand on the beach. Female turtle usually start landing on the beach at 07.30 tonight and return to the sea at night at 12.00 hari.Bulan November hungga March is turtle nesting season. Road to Sukamade very challenging to be explored. Along the way to visit this place, visitors can stop at the beach Rajegwesi. Do not also miss the Green Bay, a green bay with beautiful cliffs around. Gallivant in the early morning to see the animals that graze in the meadow was also impressive. These places is an unspoiled place that you need to know on the eastern tip of Java island.

To go there, you can use public transport or private. but keep in mind the hilly terrain are required to adjust your vehicle type. From City to the city of Banyuwangi Pesanggaran (60 km) and then proceed to Sarongan (20 km) by public transport or truck. Sarongan-Rajegwesi-Sukomade (17 km). Available Cottage and Camping Ground to stay for tourists.

Beach Grajagan

Grajagan is an interesting beach to visit. The beach area was covered by clean sand. Across the beach, a handsome hill terhujam to earth with the strong. Views of fishing villages add charm Grajagan. Tourists can buy several types of marine fish catch of fishermen. Japanese era defense Caves are also available at this resort. Grajagan approximately 53 km south of Banyuwangi.
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