Arsenal set a high price for the sale of Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal

Arsenal finally willing to release the captain of Cesc Fabregas. There has been no official statement when Arsenal's Fabregas is ready to release.

However, the Daily Mail revealed Arsenal will not defend his players. They are ready to give up Fabregas to Barcelona that did not stop hunting. Only, the Gunners requesting expensive price of $ 57 million for the sale of Fabregas.

"Cecs already he could stand to stay at Arsenal. He had eight years with us. He has shown his loyalty," said a source at the club.

However, Fabregas still intend to go. In addition to Barca, he also hunted Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Finally, Manchester City declared its intention to bring Fabregas.

Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal


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