Wash away acne

Wash away acne

Acne is very common among young people. Women and boys in their teens face acne problems. Acne looks like a pimple and is a temporary phenomenon. It is so common that it is considered as part of the process of growing up. Almost everyone gets acne in the years to grow. Despite efforts to prevent acne some people for several months, other people get it a few years.

Acne is caused by hormonal changes that occur in adolescents. Generally, after entering two dozen people do not face this problem again but in rare cases it can occur in the twenties and thirties as well. Only about 15 percent a rather severe case of acne. In such cases consult your doctor can help. If someone wants to use some cream or ointment should be based on the water of oil.

Whitehead acne should not be suppressed because it can cause skin infections and in some cases a permanent scar on the face. In fact, acne spots have a cycle: they develop, become reddish and disappeared. Some of them turned into a black-head and then some of them develop into cysts. Left unattended they go without leaving a trace. Within a few months of their cycle is completed.

As acne is a part of natural process, some precautions to prevent them burning. For the prevention of acne follow some simple restrictions on foods such as foods without a lot of meat, no ice cream, no drinks and no fast food. Wash your face several times a day and drinking eight glasses of water each day. This will clear acne, although it takes some time.

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