2012 BMW 3-Series Review

2012 BMW 3-series cars typical of BMW. The new BMW 3 series does not seem too attractive style of their clients. In general, only a small design updates. 2012 BMW 3-Series Compact version is a sporty appearance to proceed without too much visual clutter and aggressive wheels stretched to the point of the body. 2012 BMW 3-Series sold in less than a small car BMW 1 Series coupe and convertible, and large companies, the more expensive 5-series format. 2012 BMW 3-series competes with the Audi A4, Cadillac CTS and Infiniti G37.

BMW 3-Series 2012 will again offer a wide range of styles widebody for this class. It consists of five passenger sedan and station wagon and coupe and four-seat cabriolet. And while the acceleration upper reference all rival BMW, braking and handling, there is no BMW 3-Series has not been defeated in the game itself.

The suspension of some of the spring sets tried and true double support (MacPherson) against a multi-link rear setup. Works well if there is not much reason to play with him. Engine choices should be the new turbo four-cylinder 328i and the N55 turbo six in the 335i. Expect the next-generation M3 to get a six-cylinder turbo. There is some hope that the dynamic behavior of the package will be optional.

2012 3 Series new showroom ready for model year of the 2013th U.S. new color choices, perhaps a change in option-package content, and probably take it with a special edition trim or equipment may select Model Year 2012 for BMW's best selling line. BMW 3-Series will be back in four body styles: coupe, sedan, wagon and convertible. Will again offer a choice of six-cylinder gas and diesel engines and rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive (AWD) and the title of demon-414-power V-8 model M3. This is a high price of compact cars that give service priority and 2012 BMW 3-Series prices begin again in mid-range of $ 30,000 and extends well into the category mid-$ 50,000 - and does not include models of ultra-high performance M3, which is examined separately -.

ZF automatic transmission should be the eight reports (8 HP). A manual transmission is almost certain to be available for the 335i at least, if not the 328i. What is really interesting to take advantage of BMW 8HP two other options offered by a gearbox of eight reports of dual-clutch transmission and the hybrid (electric nose in the transmission and extra batteries.) If a hybrid is that - and we hope be true, must be in the 328i and the stop / start technology included with it.

Focusing on the engines. For gasoline, maybe we will start from a 1.6 turbo 4-cylinder 150 hp, developed in France, PSA Peugeot-Citroën. An increase of 2.0 of 245 hp, 6 cylinder 258 horsepower and 306. Turbodiesel: 2.0 to 166 and 143 horsepower. Until the engines massive 290 horsepower. Anyway, if there are new drivers, updates of willpower, which says a lot about BMW's technological superiority is not a joke for increased power and torque to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Inevitable EfficientDynamics technologies including regenerative braking and start / stop the engine stops at traffic lights or tail, then restart your application. For the benefit of the environment (less emissions) and wallets (less efficient).

But the revolution in this sedan top of the middle class may be represented by a particular hybrid, a diesel engine (maybe a 3-cylinder turbodiesel with 180 horsepower 1.5), plus an electric motor. In addition, BMW is investing heavily in hybrid. And maybe, who knows, with the sub-brand of BMW 3-Series can also have a 100% electric, as the user experience with Active cut from series 1.

The four-door sedan is substantially reduced to 5-series, a longer, sleeker and smoother than the model it replaces, with none of the polarizing lines cut, the surfaces of the flame, and quirky details. Coupe is not just a two-door sedan, a lower roof line, but offers a damper on demand, from nose to tail, sides more sculpted, more steeply raked windshield and rear glass, a completely redesigned front and rear sport. Improve passive safety, the BMW has taken a prominent B-post, and then a fixed window on the back.

Unlike previous plans, is now likely to be replaced to maintain a retractable hard top issue, which is particularly popular in North America and China.

The car and the GT3 has a longer wheelbase for rear legroom more spacious luggage compartment. A full-length glass sunroof with tilt mode open / will be an opportunity for both models.

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