2011 Honda Freed Mugen Review

2011 Honda Freed Spike - Front

Honda has released a new compact model of multi-van in Japan 2011 Honda Freed named Spike is designed for those "active lifestyle." Honda Freed based on the basic design of the Honda Jazz or Honda Fit. 2011 Honda Freed Spike new version available only with two rows of seats for five passengers that can be arranged in various configurations. Honda has a new floor dual band high in the trunk and additional storage space on the side panel. visual changes to the exterior, a new front with new headlights, grille and bumper, while the third side window was replaced by a plastic panel that looked a little rough. The rear wheel covers and partial alloy exterior upgrades just completed. Election Mechanics Honda Freed is based on the standard version. Honda Freed Spike offered with petrol engines of 1.5 liter FWD (with CVT) or AWD (with a five-speed automatic transmission) configuration.

Honda released Spike advanced discount sale and Honda in Japan today. Honda released Spike came with a different facial nerve Honda has the released if the same platform. Honda Freed capitulated and spewed out of the covenant of several wagon.The additional plan capitulated Released striking fragrance, courteous and advanced. At the mouth of the car, the belts of the network with cross-platinum chrome lamps and Honda City. Condyle released report brawnier front design appears abundant. The rear tail lights seem courtlier and advanced.

Since the motor powered by a 1.5-liter i-VTEC, which is capable of energy to 118 hp at 6600 rpm with 146 torque at 4800 rpm. This car has increased especially economic, with fuel consumption rating of 16.4 km / liter. Freed Spike has a long dimension (4215 mm), width (1695 mm) and height (1715 mm). As a multi-carts, Spike has two floors Freed-height (dual-Heights), which allows the owner to use the platform rear cargo lot of depth or flat for storage of goods. may include bending backward induct induced in various conformations that allow flexibility in the consignment items.

Japanese Honda is starting to pay Rp 159 to 245,000,000, and the target of 2500 units per calendar month's gross income.


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