A Day in My Life - Day 1 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Topic : My Typical Weekday

6am : I'm usually woken up by my 4 year old girl-child by her yelling "Wakin' up time, Mum!" about 2 inches from my face.  She climbs in the bed and we cuddle and chat.

6:10 Get up and go to the kitchen to make school lunches and breakfast for the girls.  General tidying up and dishes from the night before.

6:30 Megan normally shuffles through to the lounge to watch cartoons through one eye and drag her school uniform on painfully slowly.  Meg is NOT a morning person and hates to be rushed first thing in the morning.  She is ultra grumpy and I just leave her until she's been awake for at least half an hour before even thinking of talk to her.

6:40 I switch on my laptop, moderate comments on my blog and published the scheduled post for the day and if I have time do a wee bit of reading.

6:50 I get dressed, brush my hair, teeth, paint my face in amongst nagging the girls to brush their hair, brush their teeth, get their school bags ready, stop fighting, stop terrorising the cat, stop jumping on the bed, stop screaming, etc. etc.. 

7:20  I yell at top volume:  "Is everyone ready to go?  I'm leaving with or without you".  I usually get a YES! but sometimes its just another final reminder of what I've asked them to do before we hop in the car.

7:30  We load all our junk in the car, it always looks like we're departing on a fucking long weekend with all the baggage we have.  School bags, sports bags, lap top bag, handbag, lunch boxes, lunch bags, toys...

7:40  Drop Meg at primary school and drive to Kaylin's school, all the while being told which songs to play on the DVD player by KK.  We like our driving music loud, okay?  Usually rock music to bang our heads to.

8:00  Drop Kaylin at nursery school and either kiss her goodbye calmly and blow kisses or have to deal with crying, sobbing, screaming and the teacher prying her out of my arms.  KK screaching  "Don't Go, Mummy!" at the top of her lungs, with dramatic arms outstretched...

8:10 Get to work, half dead and have a morning smoke to inhale the quietness and prepare myself for yet another busy day.  My work is very stressful and deadline driven.  I'm in the media industry and work for a publication so everything is urgent and every day is a crisis.  But I love it.


until 4pm.  I then switch off my computer and head to Kaylin's school to fetch her.

4:30  Get to Meg's after care and collect her.

4:40  On the way home in the car we chat  about our day and share stories about what happened.  When we get home,  I check if Megan did all her homework at after care and do some reading and spelling with her.

4:50 Go outside on the patio for a smoke.

5:05 My Boerewors gets home and i'm usually starting supper or have at least taken something out of the freezer to prepare. 

5:15 I usually switch my laptop on again to moderate the blogs day's comments and do a little blog reading while the supper is bubbling away...I spend time with the girls either chatting about their day or playing in the garden.

We usually eat supper together at about 6:30pm and watch a little telly afterwards.

7pm is bath time for the girls and by 7:30pm they are in their pj's and ready for bed.

8pm and Kaylin is usually sleeping and we watch more telly.

8:30pm Meg is usually sleeping and My Boerewors and I go out on to the porch and have another fag and a chat.  We're early to bed people and usually in bed by 9pm or 9:30pm

Fucking boring, I know but thats a general week day.

Okay here's my first video I done - EVA!!  Don't laugh okay I'm just getting started and it took me a few times to get this right and be happy with the ums and ahs and ers.  At the end I thought, och Fuck it - Take it or leave it...


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