SYTYCD 100th Episode

Did any of you watch  So You Think You Can Dance last night? 

Were you also disappointed by the Anti-Katie-Climax?

They created such a hype about Katie Holmes being on the show and her latest project Dizzy Feet Foundation.  Great on her for founding and working on a great charity but she's not much of a performer, is she?

Stick to what you know, gurlfriend!

I was expecting a colourful Broadway Extravaganzy and all I got was a luke warm, cheesey, half-naked twig-girl trying to fill a very large stage which seemed to swallow her up! 

Firstly, they started airing a pre-recorded video of her song and I thought to myself:  "I thought she was going to be on the SYTYCD stage studio?".  Hmmmm

Eventually when they did cross over to the studio stage, she strutted on to the stage wearing a black jacket, black tights and a Fedora (had she forgotten to put her skirt on?).  Skank..  She was surrounded the entire time by a bunch of smooth male professional dancers (obviously to distract the viewers from her lack of movement on stage).  She was fucking lip syncing and didn't even pretend that she wasn't.  No fake headset?  It was clear that she couldn't multitask and do both or either, for that matter.  Fucking useless!!

I was so looking forward to impressive dance moves and I was left feeling cheated and embarrased for her.

Dear SYTYCD Producers,

This is not my first letter to you guys for fucking it up.

Not only do you dress the beautiful Cat Deeley in ridiculous rags, you get us all hyped up for absa lootly nuttin'?

I'm sure you can do better than Katie Holmes?  All she's been famous for lately is her crappy marriage to a control-freakazoid, Tom Cruise and being seen out and about shopping and lunching with her pretty little Designer-wearing girl-child, Suri.  Other than being Celebrity Mom, she has nothing.

I mean, you had the completely awesome Black Eyed Peas on the week before...and now you give us an anorexic twig who couldn't wiggle her non-existant ass if she tried?  She's anything but SEXY! 

Pretty, but not sexy!  How can she dare sing a Judy Garland's song?

It's like watching a 11 year old girl doing a fucking slutty boudoir photoshoot.  Its just so wrong and NASTY!

Urgh!  Even Ellen Degeneres was better than Katie...and the fact that they brought on a humongous cake at the end of the of show was the "icing on the cake". 

Do you really think the SYTYCD contestants are going to delve into a door-step sized slice of cake with butter icing when they have to keep in shape for the show? 

I certainly can't picture the bean-pole Cat Deeley shoveling a large slice of chocolate cake into her pretty face.  We never did see them cut it, did we?  Perhaps it was just as fake as Katie...Go Holme!

Hyped-up SYTYCD Fan

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