Late night chats about nothing

My Boerewors and I were clearly both in a chatty mood last night once the girls were snoring and tucked up, smelling their own farts, in their own beds.

We lay in bed snuggling and chatting for ages about nothing really just catching up on my blogging, twitter, on-line forums, social networking, work, the girls, och about everthing. It was lovely. I so enjoyed just blabbing away about stuff in general. It wasn't in-depth, heart-to-heart or philisophical was just talkin' shite. I enjoyed it so much and so did he.

So much so, that he actually phoned me at work to thank me for a lovely chat.

Isn't it sad that our lives are so hectically busy that we forget to "just chat"? Life with two working parents, two young girls and a jam-packed social life isn't easy and its hard to find time to just natter.

In fact, we often forget to stop and smell the roses.

Last night the rose smelled so sweet.

We need to take time and do that more often.

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