Megan Fox On The Cover Of Esquire Magazine

Megan Fox On The Cover Of Esquire Magazine

"Transformers" star Megan Fox will grace the cover of Esquire Magazine for the month of June.

There's something different about this Megan Fox cover, the magazine claims. The cover image was shot as a video. Using the "RedONE", a video camera that captures images at four times the resolution of high-definition. For those non-techie peeps, it sounds normal and "just the same" as the previous mag photo shoots.

But according to Esquire, director-photographer Greg Williams recorded ten minutes of loosely scripted footage with Fox — getting out of bed, rolling around on a pool chair, inexplicably lighting a barbecue. So, she's moving freely while doing the photoshoot, and not posing? "It allowed her to act," Williams explained. "She could run scenes without being reminded by the sound of a shutter every four seconds that I was taking a picture. As in still photography, a lot of it is capturing unexpected moments. This takes that one step further." he added.

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