Other Ways Relieve Pain Without Drugs Drinking

Other Ways Relieve Pain Without Drugs Drinking

Taking medication it can relieve or cure a disease. But when you're always taking the drug, then there are some side effects that occur in the body. So how do I ease the pain without taking medicine?

"Every time you take (mengonsumi) whether it's drugs or prescription drugs without a prescription, then you will get some specific risks. If used regularly, then the risks will be more and more," said Sandra Kweder, MD, Deputy Director of the Office of New Drugs at the center Food & Drug Administration (FDA) the U.S. for drug evaluation and research, as reported by Menshealth, Thursday (06/02/2011).

Here's another way that could ease the pain without having to take medication, namely:

1. Cough, cough syrup with honey dressing
Honey quality and thick to be a substitute for cough syrup. Cough syrup and honey are basically doing the same, namely to 'cloak' that eliminates throat irritation. In fact, a study in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found that a spoonful of honey is better than dextromethorphan (DM).

2. Frequent headaches, replace painkillers to sleep
Drinking painkillers is fine to do, but it's not advisable to eat them often. "Avoid drug compound (a lot). Strive not (taking painkillers) more than two weeks," explained Peter Goadsby, MD, Director of the Headache Center at the University of California at San Francisco.

According to him, focus on patterns of sleep can relieve headaches. Brain areas that contribute to headache was also involved in sleep. So by keeping a good sleep pattern can reduce pain in the head.

3. Stress and mild depression, replace antidepressants with a calming brain activity
To combat the depression consider not using the drug. Find other activities that can soothe your mind, like listening to music, sports or a trip with family.

4. Constipation, laxative replace by drinking 2 glasses of water before breakfast
The large intestine can be slow moving or not absorb the liquid for several reasons such as not eating enough fiber, lack of exercise, dehydration and certain medications. But get rid of the habit of using laxatives and replace it with drank 2 glasses of water before breakfast. This will help ease your bowel movements.

5. Flu, replace the antiviral drug with food or activities that enhance the immune system
No need to take medication, some foods such as ginger, garlic, chili, hot liquids, foods that contain zinc (nuts, beans, seafood, soy) can also improve the immune system that can relieve flu symptoms. In addition, exercise more.

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